TikTok Web Viewer

Don’t want to install the TikTok App? Don’t have a TikTok account? Don’t know how to view videos of an account that blocked you? Try this TikTok viewer.

What’s a TikTok web viewer?

A TikTok web viewer is an online browser-based web application that will keep you watching TikTok content away from the official TikTok website and APP. That’s very useful if you want to watch Tiktok but don’t have an account or have not installed TikTok APP.


How to use the TikTok viewer?

There are two ways to use the TikTok viewer.
By @username
One is you know his username. Maybe he is your friend, famous, influencer, or anyone you are following. In this situation, you can watch their status by putting @username.
By #keyword
Another is you want to watch videos related to your interests, this way, and you can put the #keyword into the search bar and press the search button. Replace the keyword with your interests. For example, you are looking for videos about dogs, and you can search with #dog.


Can I watch without a TikTok account?

Yes. The viewer lets you browse TikTok content without an account. Not only that, even if you have an account, you don’t need to login. It is an anonymous TikTok viewer that when you view someone, won’t let them know.


How to view the account that blocked you?

When you want to check the status of the person you are following, and sometimes, you are surprised to discover he blocked you.
At this time, you scratch your head and try to do everything possible to lift the blockade or imagine that one day he will unblock you. But in the end, you will find that nothing you do helps.
Now with this online TikTok viewer, everything becomes so simple. You can view the accounts that blocked you by entering their’s username.


Can I check the performance of a video?

Yes. You can find the number of plays, likes, and comments of a video in the popup window when you click and play a video. But you can’t see the content of the comments, nor who has liked the video.