Download TikTok videos without watermark via username

When you want to download TikTok videos, the easiest way is to use a TikTok downloader. But after you search on Google, you’ll find almost all are by video links. But when you want to download all videos from a user’s profile, copy and paste links one by one, is that troublesome? So I create this online downloader to help you mass download TikTok videos by username.

TikTok downloader by username
Example: download all videos from account @tiktok

All TikTok videos have a TikTok logo and the creator’s name as a watermark. The watermark is usually at the top left or bottom right of the video.

TikTok watermark watermark position
Top left watermark vs right bottom watermark

So far, I haven’t found any software that can completely remove the watermark (if you know, you can write to me and tell me). But don’t disappoint, our TikTok downloader can download videos without watermark.

with and without watermark
TikTok video with watermark vs without watermark

Features of the downloader:

  • Download TikTok video by username, video links, or hashtags.
  • Optional to only save audios.
  • Optional with or without watermark.
  • Online and free to use.
  • No TikTok account and APP needed.
  • Fast speed and unlimited download.
  • High quality like original video.

How to use the TikTok downloader?

It’s so easy to download TikTok videos. You can use these three commands: @username, #hashtag, or video link.

@username: Download all videos from a user’s profile page at once.

” for you” page: you can find the username near the profile pic(on the web) or at the bottom left(on the App).

username on the for you page
username on the “For You” page(on the web TikTok, and TikTok App )

On the profile page: On the right side of the profile pic(on the web). Under the profile pic(on the TikTok App)

username position on the profile page
username position on the profile page

#hashtag: Save all videos under special hashtags to local.

For instance, you are a dance lover and want to save some graceful dance videos locally. You can try to enter #dance in the search field and press the search button, and then the TikTok downloader will find all dance videos for you. That’s so easy.

You can use these methods to download videos from TikTok on any platform, including iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, iPad, tablet
, and computer.

What is a video watermark, and how to remove it?

A video watermark is a text, a logo, an image, or other copyright disclaimers visible on the video. Its primary effect is to declare copyright and prevent unauthorized use of the video.

For TikTok, the video watermark is the logo of TikTok(TikTok trademark)

Although the video watermark can effectively declare copyright, it is not impossible to remove it. Many software can erase the watermark.

But if you want to remove the watermark of TikTok videos, you don’t need to install additional software. You can use our unwatermarked video downloader. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to use it.

How to download videos without a watermark?

After you tap the search button, there’s a video list. Play the video you want to download, and there will pop up a window with three options: download with watermark, download without watermark, and music only.

Tap the “download without watermark,” and you’ll download no watermark video from TikTok.

Where will the TikTok video save after download?

It depends on what device and web browser you are using. But there’s an easy way to find the video. After the TikTok video download is complete, there’s a notification at the bottom of the web browser, and you can locate the video file by tapping it.

Can I download without TikTok App?

Yes. The TikTok video downloader doesn’t need you to have TikTok App installed. If you know the video owner’s username, you can download it by @username. If you want to download a video about a particular topic, you can search with #topic(Replace the topic with your keywords).

Can I download via video URL?

Not yet now. But you can find the username of the video owner through the video link. Then download the video based on the user name. How to find the username?

  1. copy the video link to your clipboard.
  2. Launch a web browser, paste the video link to the address bar, open the video in the web browser.
  3. Then, you’ll see the username at the top right corner of the profile picture.
  4. Copy the username and paste it to our video downloader and press the search button.
  5. The TikTok video downloader will list all of the videos of the user. Find the video and download it.

Can I download TikTok videos of mine?

Yes. You can download your videos by @your_username, and this can backup all your videos to local.